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Gluten-Free Savonnerie products are completely fragrance-free.

Perfume, cologne, fragrance oils, essential oils, herbal scent, and masking fragrance are all names used to identify fragrances that permeate daily life. People generally enjoy them so the market has responded by adding them to almost everything. It makes sense to choose a scent that appeals to us, in the hope that it will appeal to those around us; or it makes sense until you find out that you have a problem with fragrance.

The reality is that perfumes and synthetic fragrance oils are a major cause of dermatitis, skin allergy or skin irritation, and the problem is growing. They can be composed of a wide variety of synthetic chemicals, including solvents and alcohols, herbal and other plant derived materials or even animal derived ingredients. The problem is compounded by the fact that there can be over a hundred different ingredients in some perfumes and the formulas are normally proprietary so you can never know exactly what they contain.

Fragrances can aggravate other health problems, contribute to depression and are a common cause of headaches. They may become a serious threat to people with chemical sensitivities, asthma or reactive airway disease. These examples are a sampling of why so many people find fragrances offensive and why some need to avoid them altogether.

Gluten-Free Savonnerie products are well suited for anyone who avoids fragrances. We limit botanical ingredients to only a few different plant oils, with no essential oils or fragrant herbal extracts, resulting in formulas with little to no smell.