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Gluten Free Savonnerie products do not contain traditional tree nuts, tree nut oil or tree nut derivatives.

Please NOTE:  Some of the products do contain coconut oil and/or shea butter which have not traditionally been recognized as tree nuts, but are currently included on the tree nut allergen list. An allergy to traditional tree nuts does not mean that you will also be allergic to coconut or shea. At this point is appears that only a small minority of nut allergic people are also allergic to coconut or shea, however you may be in that population, so use caution in introducing these allergens.

Coconut and Shea Butter are fully disclosed in each individual product’s ingredient list and on each individual product’s allergen checklist.  The Gluten-Free Savonnerie Team is unaware of any other company providing this level of attention to allergen status or transparency in production methods, allergen tracking and ingredient disclosure.