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Oxy-Boost - 2.5 lb

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All-natural, color safe and chlorine free!

A healthy alternative is needed because chlorine bleach is poisonous and damaging to the environment. OXY-BOOST is the healthy alternative to chlorine-based products for laundry and cleaning purposes.

This versatile product can be used at all temperatures, on most washable fabrics, for all colors, in hard or soft water and is compatible with other household cleaners.

OXY-BOOST does not produce harmful byproducts that will damage or pollute our environment.

Use to remove tough stains and odors from almost any washable surface. These are some examples of what this amazing product can do:

Remove stains and odors from laundry, upholstery and carpets. (including fruit juice, coffee, wine, food, grease & blood stains.)

Whitens whites, restores yellowed linens and removes armpit staining from laundry.

Remove mold and mildew from basements, showers and shower curtains, boats etc.

Clean wood decks & fencing, outdoor furniture, camping gear, roofs and siding.

Deodorize and clean garbage pails, diaper pails, pet surfaces, cat boxes, coolers and garbage disposables.

Important Note: The manufacture of this product states "This product has been proven through past use to be safe for sufferers of allergies, asthma, and MCS. However, because each person's condition is unique, Natural Choices cannot be responsible for any adverse reactions to this product."

Individuals have widely varied sensitivities and allergies, we understand this from personal experience and encourage anyone with health problems to spot test their reaction to this product.


Additional Information:
Safe for septic systems.
Does not release toxic fumes and is safe for use in a closed environment.
Won't harm your plants, grass or landscaping in any way.
Will not remove rust stains, mineral deposits or hard water stains.
Not for use with silk or wool items.

This unscented cleaner is ideal for anyone with allergies, sensitive lungs or those who wishes to avoid synthetic fragrances or VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), including people with environmental illness, chemical sensitivities or TILT (Toxicant-induced Loss of Tolerance).  

Sodium percarbonate and soda ash
Allergen Status
The following checklist will answer your concerns as to whether this Gluten-Free Savonnerie product contains any of these common allergens. If there is a NO after the name of the allergen, it means that the product does NOT contain the listed allergen or ingredients derived from that allergen. If there is a YES after the name of the allergen, it means that the product DOES contain the listed allergen or ingredients derived from that allergen. The allergens are listed in alphabetical order.

Aloe Vera: NO
Alcohols: NO
Casein or Dairy: NO
Citrus: NO
Colorants or Dyes: NO
Corn: NO
Eggs: NO

Fragrance Ingredients
Balsam of Peru: NO
Essential Oils: NO
Perfume Oils: NO
Synthetic Fragrance: NO

Gluten or Gluten Related Ingredients
Barley: NO
Oats: NO
Rye: NO
Wheat: NO

Latex: NO


Nuts or Nut Related Ingredients
Coconut: NO
Peanuts: NO
Shea Butter: NO
Traditional Tree Nuts: NO

Parabens: NO
Phthalates: NO
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate: NO
Shellfish or Fish Derivatives: NO
Soy Bean: NO

Attribute List
The following information will more fully describe the important attributes of this Gluten-Free Savonnerie product that are unrelated to the allergen status. We hope you will find it useful as you decide which products will work best for you or your family.

100 % Natural Product: YES
Animal testing: NO
Biodegradable: YES
Feingold Program Standards: YES
Hypoallergenic: YES
Manufactured in Dedicated Gluten-Free Facility: YES
Made in the USA: YES
Vegan: YES
Vegetarian: YES

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