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SKU:   875
“Pit Stop” Deodorant and Body Powder - 3.5 oz
New larger size tub offers you twice the product over previous packaging and at a saving. This scent-free, 100% natural powder is a highly effective, deodorant powder that works without aluminum, parabens, talc or perfumes. It comes packaged in an attractive, round, white tub with a body puff applicator included. The “Pit Stop” Powder is not an antiperspirant. May be applied as often as desired to underarms, feet or any area of skin to prevent chaffing. Works well for teens and adults.
Price:   $13.99

SKU:   895
No Soap Cleansing Cloth for Face & Body
Completely non-drying. Reusable & Environmentally Responsible. A huge find for people who have many allergies, for those who cannot use soap or have fragile skin.
Price:   $10.99

SKU:   879
“Pit Stop” Deodorant and Body Powder - Refill 3.5 oz
This handy, re-sealable rice paper packet contains exactly the right amount of “Pit Stop” powder to refill the new larger size “Pit Stop” Deodorant and Body Powder container. It holds enough to refill the original size tub twice. Using this refill is a money saving option for you, and allows you to be kind to our planet at the same time by keeping additional plastic tubs out of the landfill.
Price:   $8.99

SKU:   835
Shaving Foam - 8 oz
Specially formulated to protect against razor burn and dry skin. Our gentle, all-natural shaving foam leaves your skin soft and smooth allowing the razor to glide effortlessly.
Price:   $12.99

SKU:   876
"Pit Stop" Replacement Powder Puff
If you're a die-hard fan of the "Pit Stop' Deodorant & Body Powder you'll eventually need a replacement puff.
Price:   $1.99

SKU:   884.4
Shredded Premium Bar Soap - 1 lb bag
Gluten-Free Savonnerie Premium Bar Soap that has been shredded for your convenience.
Price:   $7.25

SKU:   883
Premium Bar Soap - .75 oz Travel Size
A spa quality bar that provides the ultimate luxury experience, and pampers you with creamy bubbles.
Price:   $1.99

SKU:   885
Castille Soap Stack (5 bars)
Castille Soap Stack - 5 full size bars in a green organza bag
Price:   $26.99

SKU:   881
Castille Bar Soap 4.5 oz
This gentle soap, for dry, sensitive skin, follows in the great tradition of olive oil-based soaps.
Price:   $5.99

SKU:   883.3
Castille Bar Soap - Travel Size .75 oz
A smaller, travel sized bar of Gluten-Free Savonnerie Castille Bar Soap, following in the great tradition of olive oil-based soaps.
Price:   $1.99

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