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SKU:   377
Certified Organic Golden Flax Seed
Delicious Golden Flax Seed grown on a small family farm in western North Dakota that has been farming organically since 1992.
Price:   $19.99

SKU:   840
Lip Balm - .15 oz tube
Gluten-Free Savonnerie brings you a lip product without chemicals, corn, gluten or soy derivatives. Just what you have been seeking!
Price:   $3.25

SKU:   895
No Soap Cleansing Cloth for Face & Body
Completely non-drying. Reusable & Environmentally Responsible. A huge find for people who have many allergies, for those who cannot use soap or have fragile skin.
Price:   $10.99

SKU:   700
Oxy-Boost - 2.5 lb
This unscented oxygen bleach substitute, cleaner and deodorizer that is ideal for anyone who wishes to avoid common allergens, synthetic fragrances or VOCs (volatile organic chemicals). Works well for those with allergies or sensitive lungs, including people with environmental illness, chemical sensitivities or TILT (Toxicant-induced Loss of Tolerance).
Price:   $13.95

SKU:   708
AutoDish Dishwashing Powder (Formerly OxyDish) - 2 lb
Free of gluten and common allergens, this oxygen-based automatic dishwasher detergent contains no perfumes, chlorine bleach, phosphates, fillers or other harmful ingredients.
Price:   $13.95

SKU:   123456
Gift Certificate
Let them choose their own - always a popular gift!
Price:   $25.00

SKU:   844
Dazzle Travel Size .25 oz Tub
A convenient travel size tub of Dazzle Tooth and Oral Care Powder, the effective way to care for your teeth and mouth naturally without corn, gluten or other common allergens.
Price:   $2.99

SKU:   841
Dazzle 2 oz
Traditional tooth powder with a delightful twist. Dazzle is the effective, natural way to care for your teeth and mouth.
Price:   $6.99

SKU:   842
Dazzle 6.5 oz with Scoop
All Natural, Dazzle tooth powder in a larger size, to clean, freshen and polish your teeth, without coating your teeth with glycerin and without the common allergens or synthetic chemicals found in conventional tooth paste.
Price:   $16.99

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